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contemporary open-plan layout
Newly built vernacular cottage

Llangadog House

Carmarthenshire, Wales​


Rural Vernacular, Interior Design, ​

Joinery Design​

New build 4-bed house in rural Carmarthenshire. In keeping with welsh vernacular cottages. With spectacular views over the surrounding countryside, MWD worked with the Client to overcome planning constraints and achieve a design inspired by the existing derelict dwelling with a deeper connection to the surrounding landscape. Open plan living, kitchen, and dining with a large expanse of glazing bring together modern modes of living within a rural setting.

Chic vernacular cottage
designed for open-plan, light-infused living
Vernacular cottage with abundant glazing for light, creating an airy, open-plan living spa
Beautiful door handle detail
Vernacular cottage 4 bedrooms flooded with light
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