Most private householders in the UK have Permitted Development rights, which allow them to erect or install structures in their gardens for uses ancillary to the house. These rights do not apply to allow residential properties and there are specific requirements about where they can be located. The conditions also vary between the different countries of the UK. We have a number of models that are designed to meet the definition Permitted Development, where such rights apply. We can advise you on the planning requirements for your project. Our in-house architects will research the specific conditions of your property and area and agree with you a cost-effective way to progress with obtaining approvals, if they are required.


All of our standard models require a standard single phase electricity supply. This can be supplied via an existing electricity connections. Alternatively, all our models can accommodate inverters and batteries to allow connection to local electricity generation such as PVs to allow them to be fully off-grid.  Some of our models include integrated washing and toilet facilities. These will require a water supply and connection to sewer or septic tank. Alternatively, some models are able to accommodate compost toilets.


We deliver to all parts of the UK that are accessible by road as standard, but would be pleased to consider enquiries from elsewhere in the British Isles or Europe. For orders remote from our workshop, we can provide detailed installation requirements to local contractors to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.


All our models have finishes and fittings specified as standard. This allows us to deliver a high quality spec for excellent value for money, whilst also ensuring that the materials palette works aesthetically. However, we would be delighted to discuss with you any specific requests you may have that would allow you to tailor your purchase to your specific tastes or needs.


One Planet Development, also known as OPD is a forward-thinking planning policy that provides a genuinely affordable and sustainable way for people to live and work on their own land, bringing social, economic and environmental benefits. It was adopted by the Welsh government in 2011 as part of its One Wales: One Planet scheme. One Planet Development is quantified by ecological footprinting, which reveals how much of the Earth’s resources people are consuming. When households reduce their own ecological footprints this helps their country reduce its overall footprint.
For more information about OPD, visit the website of the One Planet Council:


Our models are usually built at our workshop in south west Wales and transported to site by lorry for installation. Sometimes access constraints require a degree of site construction or assembly. In such cases, we will work with you to establish the most cost-effective way to deliver the project.


We always relish the opportunity to come up with an entirely unique design to meet a customer’s brief. After all, this is the way that  architects usually work.

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