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One planet development principles

Dan Y Berllan

Residential - In Progess

Whitland, Wales


​Rural, New build, Carbon Neutral Low Impact, Natural Materials, Timber frame, Strawbale


Contractor: Ty Pren

Photos: Ty Pren, Client, MWD

We worked in collaboration with the timber frame company Ty Pren on a timber framed straw bale family home on the One Planet Development site at Rhiw Las near Whitland. 

The use of natural, breathable construction methods and low impact techniques are integral to the design with much of the materials sourced as locally as possible. Recycled car tyres filled with concrete were used for the foundation pads to reduce the impact of the building on the site. The design will achieve SAP ratings of EPC 101/A for energy and 113/A for carbon and will be near Passivhaus standard.

Ty Pren provide sustainable eco buildings and frameworks using natural roundwood timber. If you're interested in building using low impact framing methods, Ty Pren work with everyone, from self-builders to community groups. To see more about what they do, visit their website for more information.

Low-impact building techniques
Eco-friendly straw bale residence
Recycled materials in home construction
Sustainable building practices for families
Natural roundwood timber in construction
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