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Tŷ Tân

“Tân” (Welsh) - Fire

The sculptural shape of the Tŷ Tân offers sanctuary from the outside world, creating an intimate space from where to reflect, contemplate and worship nature.

Available as a limited edition, it can be used as a relaxation den, a reading room, a children's play room or as a garden office.  

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Product Details

Inspired by the flames of a fire, a lattice of Welsh larch leaps into the sky and wraps around the Tŷ Tân. The individual cladding boards are fastened together by hand-forged metal brackets created by a local artist, who also forged the entrance steps and door ironmongery.


The door frame incorporates a convex glass panel following the organic shape of the structure.


The low headroom door forces the visitor to crouch slightly when entering the inner chamber, creating therefore a sense of accessing a private sphere.


Once inside the ovoid capsule is lined in birch ply and natural materials and the floor is covered with linoleum, which is a natural flooring made of linseed oil, pine resin and wood flour.


A skylight floods the space with natural light and allows for gazing at the night sky.


Like a tabernacle Tŷ Tân offers sanctuary from the outside world, creating an intimate space from where to reflect, contemplate and worship nature.

Standard Model

Prices start from £POA

Office Model

6901_layout office.jpg
Prices start from £POA


Natural light floods the kitchen thanks to floor to ceiling windows and a translucent ceiling.
Unlike many other pods on the market, our kitchen is not housed within the living space. Our hand crafted kitchen has the added benefit of being equipped with a double hob, ample storage and space for a fridge-freezer and oven. Radiant heating can be installed to effectively heat the space whilst in use.

Shower room

Perform your ablutions in style. A luxurious shower experience awaits.
The shower room also benefits from floor to ceiling windows and a translucent ceiling. The space can be effectively heated by the addition of a radiant heat source.

A wet room shower drains through a deck that seamlessly blends with the rest of the room.

The pedestal basin is located to allow optimum use of natural light.


The central insulated core of the Helygen, which provides the main living and sleeping space, is constructed with structural insulated panels (SIPs). Structures built utilising SIPs typically have excellent insulation standards and lower running costs, compared to structures utilising alternative materials.

Depending on the size and configuration of the model chosen, the core is able to comfortably accommodate between two and four people. Radiant heating panels are standard but their use is minimal due to the air tightness and insulative properties of the SIPs.

Boot room

The shower room and living/bedroom are accessed via the boot room. Dirty boots, muddy clothing and wet activity wear can be removed without having to soil the living space. Ample storage exists for spare bedding, suitcases and visiting pets.


On a wet day, views can be enjoyed from the veranda. To increase comfort and versatility of the Helygen, glazed sliding doors can be commissioned to enclose the veranda from the elements. The veranda can provide access to an open decked area that can be designed to suit the nature of the site. The decking can be used for barbecues and stargazing, with easy access via the veranda to the kitchen. The open-air decking area is for the whole family, with sufficient space to house an array of patio furniture and flora. 

CNC routed plywood:

CNC routed ribs create the internal oblong core, providing an ergonomic unique shape. Manufactured locally to our studio, we ensure minimal transport emissions and work closely with the manufacturer to provide quality assurance.

Welsh Larch:

All of our larch cladding boards are from the local area and cut to size at a local saw mill.


The steel is sourced locally, and the manufacture of the base takes places close to our manufacturing site. This allows us to minimise emissions due to transport whilst working closely with the steel fabricator to provide quality assurance.

Birch ply:

We source all of our plywood from FSC certified manufacturers from Europe. Birch is native to Europe and is a renewable source of timber.

Birch ply offers excellent strength and durability with minimal defects.


Marmoleum has a very low carbon footprint. It is composed of 97% natural materials and uses 43% recycled materials.

Its natural bactericidal properties prevent micro-organisms such as Salmonella, MRSA and C Difficle from multiplying.


We source our EPDM for our roof coverings from the UK. EPDM has a low GWP (global warming potential) and can be reused and recycled into many different products. It has a life span of between 25-50 years and doesn't pollute rainwater so is an ideal material for rainwater harvesting.

Skylight & access door:

The skylight and the door are made up of glass, wood and aluminium. The wood is FSC certified. 

For caravan models, connection will be required to sewer or septic tank and cold water supply. For all other models, no connections for drainage or water will be required. Grid connection for electricity is possible, or alternatively a battery bank can be integrated into the pod with PV panels sited externally.

Foundations to be composed of a grid of four pads - loadings can be supplied on request.

Access board-walks and deck can be supplied to suit specifics of site.

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