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Nature is the leading inspiration for Helygen®. The design offers a safe hub for visitors to interact with nature and admire the power and beauty of the natural world. Floor to ceiling windows are wrapped around the structure allowing natural light to flood the interiors. Light shines through the external cladding creating vivid shadows, interesting shapes and highlighting the natural qualities and textures of the interior finishes.

The standard design comprises of a highly insulated core, which provides accommodation as a living room/bedroom, surrounded by fully integrated and self-contained services; including a kitchen, a bathroom, an external veranda to the rear and a boot room to the front. Helygen® is suitable either as a guest room in any private garden, or as accommodation for paying guests on glamping and camping sites or holiday parks.


As part of our standard service, our architects will take care of any planning applications, so you do not have to worry when purchasing a Helygen®.If you require changes to the standard internal configuration we will work with you in finding a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

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